The family gap

Mary Eberstadt spells out how the culture has steadily drifted away from the family, only to turn on it and try to finish it off. Read more:

A Pastor on the Vaccines

A solid pastor clears up the moral issues involved in deciding on taking the China Virus vaccine. In such cases, context and principle are indispensable.

Proclamation on 850th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket

On the Feast of Saint Thomas Becket, President Donald Trump pays tribute to a great saint and martyr who defied illegitimate power in defense of the Faith and of liberty. His courage inspired the Magna Carta,as well as our own American Founding.  The stalwart faithful must defend the truth in every generation. Read more on President …

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The Message on Contraception, Without Apology

Even the New York Times recognizes Father Roger Landry as a brave advocate of the truths of the Faith and the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. We saw this when we met him thirty years ago during his undergraduate years at Harvard. Read on to see leadership in action! Read more:

Married Love and the Gift of Life

“Men and women considering marriage yearn for certain things. They want to be accepted unconditionally by each other. They want their marriage to be filled with love and happiness. They want a family. In short, they want their marriage to be a source of joy and fulfillment their whole life long.” Read more in this …

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The Mysteries of the Born-Alive Acts

A steady reader of these columns will have heard over the years about the flights of genius and imbecility, of soaring hopes and unaccountable disappointments, that have ever attended that “most modest legislative measure on abortion” – the move to protect the child who survived an abortion. Read more at The Catholic Thing here:

Cultivation of virtue and modesty in the young is central to the role of parents

That includes the challenge of facing daily what many might consider a lost cause – repelling the assault on purity in our chaotic culture. Professor Anthony Esolen addresses that task with insight and clarity. Read his essay here.

But Isn’t NFP Just Contraception By Another Name?

In a brief letter, Saint John Paul II considers NFP in its indispensable context of the Church’s teaching on the truth of the act of love. Here “spouses become sharers in God’s creative action,” never putting aside the sacred character of their vocation. Read this brief, lucid letter here:

The Church In Defense Of The Family

In Familiaris Consortio, Saint John Paul II assures us that, however loud the noise of the secular universe, however strong the current of dissent, we can trust  the Church always to defend God’s plan for marriage and the family and protect us from enemies of the truth. From the introduction: “Knowing that marriage and the family …

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