Pro-Life Movement Needs Its Own ‘Seamless Garment’

The “Seamless Garment” theory gives Social Justice advocates a “Catholic” excuse to minimize abortion, and ignore contraception altogether, when considering government policy. Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse argues for a better approach that addresses the whole person, raised in an intact and loving family.

“Of course, everyone knows that children need food and shelter and clothing. But children also need love. The “failure to thrive” syndrome shows that, in some way, the non-material needs of children are more important than their physical needs. Children who “fail to thrive” have their material needs met. They have food, shelter, clothing and medical care. But they do not grow. They may even die. The commonly accepted explanation for failure to thrive is that kids need more than food. They also need to be fed and nurtured, by a person who holds them, rocks them, looks into their eyes and loves them.”

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